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Tao Room Escape

Japanese massage center

The Tao family welcomes you to the new Health and Massage Center

Our family comes from a long line of specialists in health through massage and traditional techniques Japanese.
familia Tao

We offer you the following specialities:

icona massatge facial Kobido, dibuix cara Maiko

Facial Massage Kobido

icona massatge Shiatsu, dibuix ona de mar

Therapeutic Massage Shiatsu

icona massatge Anma, dibuix cigonya

Therapeutic Massage Anma

icona terapia energètica Ampuku, dibuix flor de loto

Energy Therapy Ampuku

logo Tao Room Escape blau

Experience a deep sense of health and wellness

Eliminate stress, balance your body and relax your mind

Let our staff advise you on our services and how to enjoy an experience that will last over time.

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foto d'unes mans de dona aplicant-se oli
Tradition in the creation and application of our oils

We have a long history of creating oils and essences that combined they produce great benefits for our health and mood.

foto de massatge a l'esquena
Shiatsu: thousand-year-old technique

It has a therapeutic function and serves to treat the entire body including at the energy level.


Combines the idea of health and enthusiasm in one concept.

logo Tao Room Escape


He urges us to have confidence in the future, together with our willingness to act and our motivation, will make everything right, everything heal and opportunities return.

foto blanc i negre d'uns peus
Foot reflexology

Digitopuncture and acupuncture techniques that activate the right body's functioning.

foto habitació japonesa amb tatamis
dibuix samurai
logo Tao Room Escape

He brings you a piece of Japan

With a unique setting, full of antiques and ancestral objects of the Tao family.

With an exquisite staff led by Matsumoto San, who will receive you in our facilities.

And with services full of techniques and secret formulas, treasured over time.

logo Tao Room Escape
logo room escape negre

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Booking calendar for all family - Tao Escape Room

icona emabarassada Game suitable for pregnant women.

The facilities of Tao Room Escape are adapted, and the game is suitable in some tests for people with some limited capacity.

Virus Room Escape - Sanitary Regulations by Covid-19


Virus Room Escape will apply the following regulations in its rooms, complying with the new conditions imposed by Covid-19. These are in addition to the existing ones, which can consult at Policies and Conditions.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will oblige us to terminate the game and expulsion from the team.

At Virus Room Escape we understand that these rules are mandatory, not only for the The aim is not to comply with health regulations, but for the common good of all. And that compliance with the The same does not alter the expectations of the game and, with a little care, we can get back to having fun.

Thanks for your collaboration, we are waiting for you!

Measures for Customers

  • You can't play if you have a fever (+37,5°C) and/or symptoms of Covid-19 are present.
  • Access the premises with the mask and wear it during the game, until you leave the premises.
  • Disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Try to keep a safe distance from the game master.
  • Follow all the particular indications of your game master.

Measures for Virus Room Escape

  • icona pot espray desinfectant We disinfect the room using approved disinfectant products.
  • icona ventilació We ventilate the facilities after each session.
  • We manage waste according to legally established protocols.
  • We apply the health protocols. Follow our instructions.
  • The time slot between sessions will be extended to 2:30am, to allow time to disinfect the rooms.

If no masks are available, they will be provided on site.

Disinfectant gel will be provided before and after the game.

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